Benefits of Interplay

IterateInterPlay poses many benefits to both an enterprise and a startup:

1. Speed

Take an innovative enterprise Amazon, for example. Amazon operates with pods.  Each pod is basically a startup solution (a point solution). An Amazon web page can contain as many as 300 point solutions.

Through the Microservices platform, retailers (and other enterprises) can achieve nimbleness like Amazon. Amazon is built with microservices because it provides unique levels of flexibility.

In a non-Amazon retail world, each startup is a point solution — a module — a Microservice. is enabling the quick install of a point solution.

2.Modularity, yet Inter-connected

Each startup is a pod – a point solution. Decoupled from the whole architecture, yet loosely connected.

3. Lower implementation costs

Layering Iterate’s microservices on top of a retailer’s existing infrastructure can reduce implementation costs — dramatically. It can remove the need for third parties to install large software products into a retailer environment. Once a startup installs a Microservice inside, it is immediately available for a retailer to push live.

4. Your pre-embedded Lab

Through microservices, startups are automatically embedded inside enterprise IT architecture, even if it’s an old legacy. Startups become a pre-embedded Lab. The Lab of technologies layers on top of current IT systems, seamlessly interacting with current environments.

5.  Network Effects

Learn from other enterprises, as Iterate distributes Success Signals gathered across the network.

6. Innovation

This is perhaps the easiest way to access new technologies, developed in parallel, by third-party developers.

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