About Interplay

Welcome! We are excited that you want to learn Interplay. The Getting Started Tutorial teaches you how to: 

  • Understanding the Interplay environment (on this page) 
  • Nodes, Flows, and all those Components 
  • Building your first Flow

Interplay Concepts

The Interplay cloud platform provides the simplest and quickest way to build complex applications. Interplay is a drag-and-drop environment where innovation apps can be rapidly developed and commercialized through modularized pre-built components.

Browser Based Flow Editing:

  1. Interplay Software is a web-based technology because of the clear advantage of Visual Based Programming. Nodes can be easily wired together to produce flows that can be deployed in a single click!
  2. Interplay features a rich Library that can store your customizable nodes, templates, and flows.
  3. Interplay Function Nodes support Python and Javascript in their text editor

Constructed on Node JS:

  1. Node JS is an event-driven, non-blocking model which makes it lightweight. Interplay has supercharged NodeJS by changing the architecture it runs on from an event-driven environment to a multi-threaded environment.
  2. In addition to Interplay’s populated content, users have access to Node’s Package Repository which is the biggest Package Manager in the world!

Teamwork in Development:

  1. Interplay makes sharing code with team members easy by storing flows as a JSON Object. 
  2. Flows can be imported or extracted effortlessly for cross team collaboration.

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