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What type of nodes exist within IterateInterPlayTM?

There are hundreds of APIs that are easily accessible though IterateInterplay. The types of nodes that exist within IterateInterPlayTM  and that can be used to create a prototype are: Enterprise, Startups, Iterate, Components, Misc. and Dashboard. You can openly search for an node using the search box on the top left corner.  

Connecting the nodes

To use a node in an application simply drag and drop the respective node on to the open space. After all the appropriate connectors are on the white space you can connect each node by clicking on the white connector points on each node: 

Click on the node you want to start with and connect it to the one you want to end with, for example:

Component Types

The components that can be used to create a prototype or application are located on the left hand navigation menu. Each grouping represents and different category of nodes. They are color coded for ease of use:

Enterprise: Orange – These include Salesforce, MongoDB,MySQL,LDAP and many others. 

Startups:  Blue – These include startup APIs as well as Patent and Google Trends API

Iterate: Yellow Iterate’s AI and other classifiers are enabled to be used directly by customers for their own purposes.



Dashboard: Turquoise – Integrated a graphing dashboard to it so using Microservices we can create executive and status dashboards, etc. 

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