Twitter Integration

A Twitter Integration will allow you to push results from Twitter onto a console.


1.  On the top of left-hand navigation conduct an open search for ‘Twitter’. There are two nodes available for Twitter. Twitter in and Twitter out. Twitter allows you to pull data from Twitter while Twitter out allows you to push tweets on to Twitter. Select Twitter in and drag and drop onto the white space.

2. Edit the Inject node by double-clicking on it. This will display attributes for that component. 

Enter the following:

Twitter ID: use this field to enter and authorize your Twitter id. If it hasn’t been entered prior select the icon to complete the authorization steps.

Search: use this field to indicate whether you want to search private or public tweets. In this case select: Public

for: use this field to indicate the search term or keywords

Name: name to label the node

5. Now select the console node.  This will allow you to chose where you output the data. Double click on the console node and on the attributes section enter a Name (e.g. Output) and choose whether you want to send the output to the debug tab or the debug tab and console. Click Done.

6. After the nodes are set up connect the nodes. Two do this click on the twitter node and connect it to the output node. 

7. Now that the nodes are connected, run the code by clicking on the Run button on the right top corner. You’ll see a brief message pop us indicating “Successfully Deployed” 

8. After the code is deployed run the Twitter node by simply clicking on it.

9. This will search the selected subject (e.g. Horses) through the Twitter feed for the specified user (parameters selected on step 4). The green node then outputs all results to the screen on the right-hand side under the debug tab (parameters selected on step 5)

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